It’s not every day you get an opportunity to visit Google’s HQ, so a couple of weeks ago when Key Multimedia were invited to be part of a round table discussion to talk about the Partner program at their UK offices, we simply couldn’t say no, and jumped on a train to London for the day!

Google have a bit of a reputation for being an amazing place to work, with their main US HQ sporting levels of whimsy and design quirkiness that would make Willy Wonka’s approach to the workplace environment look de rigueur. So was the London office the same? Pretty much, yeah. My favourite feature I noticed was the beach huts, where small groups could sit for private meetings of a few people, away from the bustle of the main open plan office. Beach huts!

beach huts

The round table meeting itself was hugely informative. It was great to hear that Google have big plans in store for the Partner network, as they hope to be able to use the network to match-make accredited agencies like ours with client businesses who want to a trusted company to help them with PPC campaigns.

It was also really good to meet some other agencies – through the group discussion and informally chatting afterwards, it became clear that though Key Multimedia is relatively small, many of the challenges we face in PPC marketing are exactly the same ones that the major London agencies are struggling with too!

As an agency we’re already seeing the benefits of being members of the Partner network – as well as being invited to events with Google such as this, we also now have our own Google account rep, meaning that any client who uses us for PPC management will not only be enlisting our services, but they will also be able to benefit from the assistance of one of Google’s own support team.

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