I would really love to know who writes for Abercrombie & Fitch.

To me their digital marketing is a little below par.  They were very late to offer free delivery.  They almost never segment their database even by the most basic of categories….sex.

Many a time I have received an emil extolling the virtues of the latest skinny jeans or cute top for girls.

Their latest faux pa is below.

Take a look at the picture below and see if you can spot the glaringly obvious contradiction.

A&F dreadful digital marketing



For those who have not quite caught on.  Let me explain.

Take a look at the title in the middle.  “Weather Warriors”.  As a title, it’s fine.  The use of alliteration works well and the warrior element conjures images of toughness and the ability to endure whatever the elements have to through at us.

Now look at the photograph.  Pay particular attention to the footwear.

That images of toughness conjured up by the text has now dissipated entirely into what seems to be a glaring contradiction.

Now I am a big fan of outdoor weather gear.  Winter is my favourite time of the year for getting out and running through all types of weather.

Need I say more.

A&F sort out your marketing.