Amazon is starting to expand the reach of its Alexa devices with the recent announcement of a new program for hotels and tourism businesses. Alexa for Hospitality, is designed to bring its voice assistant technology to your nearest hotel room!

Individual Alexa devices can be rolled out across a group of rooms or properties and customised to deliver a wealth of resources including key guest information; like checkout times or what times the swimming pool opens. It will also allow guests to request house-keeping services or room service as well as control “smart” devices like lighting, curtains and room thermostats.

The system is currently being trialled by Marriott Hotels, which given their size – shows the investment Amazon are putting behind this kind of technology.

Alexa for Holiday Parks

We’re pretty excited about this one as you might guess. The opportunities for the holiday park sector is incredible. Just imagine how these might work across a group of luxury lodges or park homes. For a start they can be configured to control “smart” room functions, like adjusting the heating, turning on the lights or playing music.

But the system can be customised so guests will be able to ask Alexa for information about the park itself – like where the fitness centre is located, what time the restaurant is open and concierge-style services like local tourist information or booking a table in the spa or restaurant.

When a guest is about to leave you can even invite them to complete your park survey – all without touching a button.



Guests will be able to access Alexa’s standard features like play the radio, listen to their own audio books or ask for generic information. But each Echo can be configured to deliver hotel-specific content and skills. For instance, hotels can load up a range of customised skills like workouts, meditation, games and local tourist information. (The hotel can control the volume, too, so guests can’t blast their neighbours.)

More than just Voice Control

The Alexa for Hospitality system isn’t just an Echo device in the room, however – it’s a suite of tools for configuring the Echo devices, available via a dashboard where hotels can update their information, enable skills, adjust settings and track usage.

According to Amazon the devices are designed to be deployed in a matter of minutes, and can alert an admin if they go offline.

They’ll also allow the hoteliers to measure guest engagement through analytics and reporting, allowing the hotel to adapt its own systems accordingly.

Amazon is working with a small group of tourism companies at the moment. But with voice control technology becoming more mainstream we think these advancements will be big.

Over the next few months voice control (like Amazon Alexa and Google Home Mini) will be integrated with more devices like household TVs and music systems. So, Amazon’s step in to the world of hotels doesn’t seem like a bad idea – they are simply capitalising on the fact that Alexa owners have grown so comfortable using Amazon’s virtual assistant that they have probably already called out for Alexa by mistake when traveling, forgetting for a moment that she’s not there.

Except now she will be.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Your guests want hospitality experiences that are personalised, and memorable. Alexa for Hospitality helps you deliver those immersive experiences, so you can delight your guests, and improve your teams’ productivity.

Alexa makes delivering a great customer experience simple. All your guest has to do now is – just ask.