Sickweather shows updates from users and alerts you if you're entering a sick area
Sickweather shows updates from users and alerts you if you’re entering a sick area

Wooly hats, dark evenings & darker mornings, a lazy Sunday by an open log fire and of course an endless runny nose and wheezy chest! Just a few things to look forward to this Winter. But what if your smartphone could warn you if you were entering an area of mucus, chesty coughs & general disease?

Well, thanks to the developers at Sickweather you can now dodge those problem areas and remain fit & healthy all winter-long*

The app takes your current location and based on user contribution shows you the latest updates from sick members of the public (and notifies you if you’re entering a sick area). In the proximity of the Key Multimedia office there were two sick spots. One with Flu, another with Pneumonia! Yikes!

Illnesses you can be alerted of range from the Common Cold, Allergies and Norovirus to Sore Throats, Stomach Viruses and Chicken Pox. The app could prove extremely useful for allergy sufferers to be notified when they’re entering a possible dangerzone! A godsend for Hayfever sufferers like myself!

Ok, so I’m sure there’s more than two people with the sniffles in Dorchester at the moment, and the app is heavily dependant on user-interaction (alright, alright 100% dependant!) but I think the idea is brilliant and another way your smartphone is becoming even smarter!

Currently free and only available on iOS – Sickweather