The completely redeisgned iOS7 from Apple

It’s that time of year again where Apple annouces it’s latest version of their smartphone. Techies and journalists will be descending to California on September 10th to get a first glimpse of the highly-anticipated follow up to the iPhone 5 (presumably labelled, iPhone 5S) with it’s brand new operating system, announced at WWDC earlier in the year, iOS7.

Whilst Samsung and other large electronics companies tried to second-guess Apple’s next move in the technology world and released their smart watches, it seems as though Apple wont be releasing any completely new device (yet!). Although, the rumour mill is rife with a cheaper, plastic bodied iPhone to target emerging countries and also to finally break in to the Chinese market. A rumour backed-up by Apple holding a second event, in China, the day after their September 10th conference.

Others rumours which have emerged over the past few months is that the home button will be redesigned with the possibility of a finger-print sensor being introduced (something that has divided analyists and bloggers), and a new colour-scheme with the launch of a gold or “champagne” colour with the possibility of several iPod-esque colours for the cheaper iPhone (dubbed iPhone 5C after leaked photos).

The finger print sensor is possibly the biggest and most exciting possibility for the future of the iPhone. Being able to access websites, pay for iTunes & App purchases all with the touch of a button? Sounds great to me and I’ll be keeping a close eye on the annoucement to see what it all means for future mobile website development.