Many council’s across the country have taken to using social media platforms in an effort to communicate and engage with their local community. Despite the proliferation of such platforms it’s interesting to see the different methods being used to broadcast the council’s message and engage with local community.

In writing this report it was interesting to discover the effectiveness of this strategy and the differences In particular this report shall focus on the effectiveness of all Council’s across the South West and their Twitter pages.

The council’s in questions include;

• Bath & North East Somerset Council
• Devon and Cornwall
• North Somerset
• Bristol City Council
• South Gloucestershire Council
• South Somerset District Council
• Swindon Council
• Dorset Council
• East Dorset District Council
• Cornwall Council
• Torbay Council
• Plymouth Council
• Exeter Council
• Bournemouth Council
• North Devon Council
• Borough of Poole

The report discusses various critical areas including, design, reach, the content of the communication and considering whether the councils are using the medium wisely.

Regrettably there were no real leaders in terms of proper use and reach of the medium but of all the 16 councils across the south west there are clearly some councils who are more switched onto the medium.

Click here to download the report on Councils Using Twitter.