We are excited to work on a project that has such a local focus and promotes our home town Dorchester

We’re delighted to announce that we have been selected to develop a new tourism website for Dorchester, the town that the majority of the Key Digital team live and work in.

The project will represent the Dorchester Tourism Brand which has been created by the Dorchester Heritage Tourism Partnership for use with all its stakeholders.

The tourism website will integrate with the Discover Dorchester App which was also developed by Key Digital and released in the summer of 2021.

Key project objectives and requirements

  • Attract and inform potential visitors about the town tourism offer
  • Provide information about planning a trip to and visiting the town including what to see and things to do, and act as a repository for downloadable information (tours and trails)
  • Include a shared repository for the local tourism industry to have access to a media library of images and resources.
  • Be capable of capturing web performance metrics.

The website will be a key marketing and information tool to support the Tourism Strategy. With a focus of the town’s heritage, the new platform will provide information on what there is to see and do in the town and immediate surrounding area.

The website will include links to all accommodation providers, all attractions, major events, shopping, and places to eat as well as practical information about getting to and around the town.

Dorchester Town Council Choose Us For New Tourism Website

Discover Dorchester website and app integration

Our proposal will partner the Dorchester Tourism website with the new Discover Dorchester App which we believe offers a unique opportunity to promote the town and deliver a solution that can offer consistent messaging across both platforms whilst cutting down on duplication of content.

This shared approach also showcases how progressive Dorchester Town Council and Dorchester BID are in their approach to developing a cohesive digital strategy for the town.

Dorchester maumbury rings

Dorchester Town Council is developing a long-term vision for Dorchester’s tourism and the new website will be an integral part of the strategy.

Dorchester has a wealth of stories from over 6000 years of history as well as developing new heritage at both Brewery Square and at Poundbury.

We're excited to be working with Key Digital on this project and look forward to launch later this year.

Matilda Manley – Tourism Development Officer, Dorchester Town Council

Our website design and development team have stared work on the project. We look forward to launching the new Discover Dorchester website later in 2021.

We’re confident this solution would work well for other town councils and BID organisations.

Get in touch with us to talk about a similar approach to developing a cohesive digital strategy for your town or city.