Digital Marketing for Holiday Parks

We work in partnership with park owners to deliver better online customer experiences

We’ve worked with some of the most prominent names in the holiday park sector over the last 15 years – starting with the national trade association BH&HPA; Best of British Holiday Parks and many independent holiday parks throughout the UK.

We help holiday parks retain their unique qualities by delivering increased revenue and marketing control.

Holiday park sector digital marketing

Creative Digital Campaigns

Holiday Park digital marketing expertise

We empower independent park owners and holiday park groups to outsmart the competition online, reduce costs and boost their direct business.

From developing long-term digital marketing strategies, to devising search engine and social media campaigns for luxury lodge sales and developing websites for 5 star holiday parks, we understand the needs of the holiday park sector.

We work with some of the UK’s leading holiday parks, delivering creative digital campaigns that result in profitable online customer experiences and better brand exposure.


Pre-booking digital marketing

(Search, Discover, Compare, Decide)

The most stunning holiday park websites don’t live up to their potential without being shown to the right people – your future guests!

We will help get your organisation in front of the right people, so they know of your park and the incredible experience that it provides. We use a range of methods that are completely tailored to your business needs that will help build awareness and ensure your park is seen in the best light.

We can help you drive people to find your park  using SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, 5 star responsive Website Development, Online Marketing, Social Media, Travel Reviews and Influencer Marketing.

Making a booking

Holiday park website and booking engines



Getting people to commit to a purchase is not easy. It’s not just about generating a steady flow of traffic for your website. Potential customers will want to know that they can trust you – they will seek you out on social media and read Trip Advisor reviews.

Getting them to your booking page is only the first part of the battle – any obstacles during the booking process can mean the difference between a confirmed booking or more revenue for your competitors.

We make sure the booking process is as painless as possible. We can help you focus on booking engine integration (Dynamic Pricing, API integration), conversion optimisation (UX, UI, Content etc.) as well as ensuring more of your bookings take place on your website rather than being sent off to the 3rd party booking engines.


Holiday park social media

(Building up and getting excited)

We get people looking forward to their stay with and looking to enhance it. It’s about using a range of methods to create that buzz and get your guests excited.

By producing high quality content on your local area and consistent messages on social media, future guest will view you as the local experts likely to give them a great stay. Personalising your guest contact with email marketing and automated messaging will also play a crucial role.

Some of our methods include: – Content, Social, Email campaigns, Marketing Automation, API Messaging.



(Enhancing the stay and making it memorable and easy)

So, your guest booked their stay, you sent them the pre-holiday emails, and now they’ve arrived, so you’re off the hook, right? Not so fast!

The vast majority of your guests will be using their smartphones to search for activities while on holiday. Here’s your opportunity to serve up a helping of experiential marketing that will build a more comprehensive holiday experience for your guests and build a connection between them and your park brand.

For example, a simple “welcome” email an hour after they arrive with a suggested itinerary for the weekend; or a personalised messenger script with the essential “things to see and things to do” is a great way to start.

In the age of social media and viral sharing, holiday parks have the opportunity to take experiential marketing to whole new levels of sophistication and creativity.

We’ll help you make the stay more enjoyable and more relaxing for your customers – with things like App development – offers, information etc. Twitter and Instagram walls in your bar areas etc.

We help you explore how content marketing and social media can improve your customer service e.g. order food in advance, make an event booking, using social, content and marketing automation.


Holiday Park reviews

(Turning customers into brand advocates)

Once the right people know about your holiday park, you need to stay on their mind.

We help you stay in touch with your guests in a way that is helpful and interesting.

We enable the customer to easily highlight and communicate their enjoyment of their stay. Allow them to re-book quickly and easily (using feedback, reviews, API integration, Emails, Social, Research).

We’ll also help you to encourage your customers to make their next booking directly via your site. With smart communication you can ensure that every customer remembers your holiday park when they are thinking of a new booking in your area.

Holiday Park Industry Expertise

BHHPA Conference

We are regular speakers at the British Holiday & Home Parks Association  (BH&HPA) Conference, and write articles for their monthly journal.

We’ve advised the BH&HPA IT Steering Group on digital strategies since 2010 and had firsthand experience of designing and developing the and Parkjobs group of websites.

In 2014 we took on overall responsibility for the online marketing of the Best of British Holiday Parks and continue to produce daily content for their social media platforms and SEO to improve the visibility of the top 50 independent holiday parks in the UK.

We also contribute regularly to Park Speak – a website dedicated to providing digital marketing advice for holiday park owners, park marketing teams and those working in travel and hospitality.

Why choose us?

We work with some of the UK’s leading holiday parks, delivering creative digital campaigns that result in profitable online customer experiences and better brand exposure.

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