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Generate instant search engine visibility and traffic

Pay Per Click – The most effective e-marketing tool of the 21st Century. Instant traffic and 100% measurable. We’ll help you maximise your paid advertising investments.

Pay-Per-Click is not only incredibly flexible (you can switch your online exposure on and off like a tap) but it is 100% measurable.

Target your customers with paid search

Instant Search Visibility

PPC is a great way to generate instant search engine visibility and traffic whilst waiting for natural search engine listings to appear. It is also a fantastic tool for testing keyword ideas and spotting niches before embarking on a search engine optimisation campaign.

If you’re ready to hit the button on your PPC campaign – give us a call.

Targeted Traffic

Our experienced team can help you get your PPC campaigns on the right track. We will help you create a definitive list of keywords that your target audience are actually using to find products and services like yours. We then use these keywords to create adverts that are tailored to drive traffic to specific landing pages of your website.

A successful Pay-Per-Click campaign is all about getting the best return on your advertising investment, so we will manage your PPC campaigns on a day-to-day basis, checking advert performance and bid positions, whilst ensuring your website is attracting quality traffic.

We work with you to ensure your adverts and landing pages are relevant and help you improve your conversion rates and overall website usability.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor all our clients PPC projects on a daily basis – all included as part of our service.

Where we see success in terms of engagement (be this site visits, increased sales etc.) we can ramp up the focus, where success is minimal we can quickly pivot to focus on another angle.

We provide regular reports on campaign metrics such as Click Through Rates (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC), revenue per click, number of orders, conversion rate and average order value. These reports will provide valuable information so that you can see where your money has been spent and the sales or enquiries that have been generated.

Google Partners

The team at Key Digital are Google Adwords certified professionals which means we can demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords.

If you are considering using Google Adwords for the first time – please get in touch – we have a number of free PPC vouchers where you can access matching funding against your first month’s spend.

(For more information of Working with Third-Parties please view the Google Partner disclosure agreement.)

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