User Experience UX

Creating the best user experience for your digital project

UX is all about creating the best user experience for your digital project.

We research, plan, design and develop websites, mobile and tablet applications around the needs of your users.

Our experienced team can help you unlock amazing! We ensure your customers turn into more business and your digital projects work effortlessly.

User Experience UX

Website UX & page experience

At the heart of a great website is a great user experience – whether that’s on desktop, mobile or tablet. Your customers have high expectations of your online presence, so your website needs to be as easy to use as possible – on all your user’s devices.

We conduct rigorous testing to highlight areas of your site that can be improved – both from a design and a technical point of view. A competitor analysis helps with identifying what the rest of your industry are doing – and establishing any best practice.

Website analysis to improve interaction

Lowering your bounce rate for instance will increase your business. For example, how would reducing your bounce rate by 40% affect your bottom line? Do you know which are your worst performing pages?

Our team can quickly analyse your website and give insights into making improvements.

User research & testing

We create and fine tune user personas to identify how people use your website or applications and the top tasks they need to achieve.

We can show you how to get immediate insights from your targeted users and keep improving what you’re already doing.


Prototyping is an integral part of the design process as it allows us to test the flow of a design solution and gather feedback on it – from both you and your customers – before building the final version.

  • Visualisation – helps show you and your customers how the final product will look and function
  • Feedback – generate feedback from a test user group and potential customers. During this phase we highlight areas that work well and those that are less user-friendly. We then iterate the design before the final product, saving you both time and money.

Conversion rate optimisation

UX naturally goes hand in hand with Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO). UX is intended to make your website easier to use, to navigate around, and to take key actions on. CRO is intended to help you make the actions you want them to take available and taken more often.

We will help you optimise your website for conversions, increase revenue and acquire more customers.


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