We are excited to announce that we are now supporting the Family Holiday Association (FHA) as their digital partner. We feel we are well matched to work together thanks to our expertise and connections in the holiday park industry. One of our primary objectives is to help the FHA achieve their aims of the ‘Together’ campaign.

Who are the Family Holiday Association and what do they do?

Summer sunshine at the beach… Exploring somewhere new… A simple few days away with the ones you love… We all know how much happier a break can make us feel. But what if you’ve never had this opportunity? What if a severe illness or disability is making life painfully difficult? Or what if you are confronted with mental health problems or domestic violence on a daily basis? So many families are trapped in terrible situations like these, and they desperately need our help. They need a reason to smile.

The Family Holiday Association charity was set up in 1975 to help disadvantaged families and families who have experienced hardship have a holiday. They provide breaks for UK families struggling with issues such as disability, severe and sudden illness, bereavement, mental health issues and domestic violence. They work closely with over 3000 active referrers such as teachers and social workers.

What you can do and why you should help

If you are a holiday park owner or manager and would like to to help then there are a few options. Many parks regularly donate short breaks throughout the high and shoulder seasons in their hire caravans. They make an ongoing commitment to supporting families in need of a holiday. As a side benefit this commitment also helps to fill caravans which might otherwise be empty and it also helps to fulfil many park’s social responsibility requirements.

Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park

Thanks to the One for All initiative at the award-winning Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park in Cornwall, owner Patrick Langmaid provides free caravan breaks to people who would otherwise be unable to have one. Patrick says:

“If, as holiday park owners, we can all do something positive for our communities without disrupting our own business model, it has to be worthwhile.”

Family Holiday Association and Key Digital
Family Holiday Association and Key Digital

Don’t own a holiday park – you can still support

If you don’t own a holiday park but would still like to get involved then you can. You can truly make a difference by adopting one of their caravans for a year. By pledging to raise £10,000, you will be directly helping more families to find sunshine through the rain.

There are lots of ways you can work together with FHA to ensure you achieve your pledge total. They can also help you organise some fantastic fundraising events. Maybe your organisation could make the Family Holiday Association its charity of the year. You might even want to introduce a donation at point-of-sale for your customers.

The FHA charity team will always be on hand to offer fundraising inspiration and assist throughout the year with all your activities. Most importantly, they know how to make it fun for all involved!

Together campaign logo by Family Holidays Association.