We’re big fans of blogging as a way to boost your site’s SEO performance, but sometimes it can be hard to convince clients of their value. For some, the thought of having to add new articles every week is daunting both because of the time involved and the worry that they won’t be able to come up with enough content to fill the posts.

So why are blogs so useful for SEO, and what can you do to make your blogging as easy and effective as possible?


The Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are a fast and simple way to upload content to the web. Blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr are extremely search engine friendly, and if you have picked the right keywords you could see your posts appear in the search engine rankings just minutes after you posted them!

Blogs also have a positive effect on the SEO of your whole website, because Google picks up on the fact that you are adding regular fresh content, and considers this to be an indication that the site is credible, authoritative and up to date.

A weekly blog also allows you to shine a spotlight on different parts of your site with every post. Selecting a different product or service to talk about each time, and giving links back to relevant bits of your site will ensure the SEO benefit is shared around the entire site, not just focused on the homepage and the blog itself.

(The best way to link to other pages is by using carefully selected keywords embedded into your copy e.g. “Key Multimedia is a leading Dorset SEO agency based in Dorchester”).

Top Blogging Tips

The internet is full of abandoned blogs. People usually start with the best of intentions, but lack the discipline to carry on posting regularly. Google hates a quitter and does not look kindly on blogs that have been left untouched for months or even years. Start blogging only on the understanding that it will be a commitment that you have to fulfil for a significant period of time.

The good news is that you don’t actually need to write heaps of content – about 300 words should be enough for an average blog post. Keep it short and sweet, and adopt a more informal, conversational tone than you would normally use for content writing.

When it comes to promoting your blog, make full use of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, as well as social bookmarking tools such as Reddit. If your content is good enough, you may be able to get other bloggers/websites linking back to your blog, which is enormously beneficial from an SEO perspective.

We blog regularly for a number of our clients, so if you really feel writing is not your strong point, or if the demands of your business make doing a regular blog impossible, then why not give us a call? We can design, set up and write a highly optimised blog for your business utilising all our SEO tools and know-how. To find out more, get in touch on 01305 755609.

Chris Redhead