Correctly answering a question for the WordPress test

Think you know everything about Facebook? Twitter? Or even the ins and outs of your iPad? Now you can prove it with Smarterer

Smarterer was co-founded in 2010 and has recently won the 2013 startup competition at the Recruiting Innovation Summit.

I first took to Smarterer last year after seeing a fellow developer on Twitter announcing their score for a HTML test, and now I’m hooked! I was quite shocked at first to realise that I knew more about Facebook and Twitter than HTML and CSS! A little embarassing perhaps too! However, upon broadcasting my Twitter score, the Smarterer team responded that I’d actually beaten their own Social Media guy! Self-esteem restored!

Each test and the questions within are created and maintained by Smarterer’s users, ensuring that the tests remain relevant and correct in our ever-changing industry. Each question is against the clock and the points earned for a correct answer (or deducted for an incorrect one) are assigned via a clever algorithm which makes point-scoring interesting, educated and varied.

With tests on topics from Operating Systems, Software, Hardware, Social Media to Programming languages, Smarterer, I think, is a fantastic tool to keep you at the top of your game. Whether you’re a Web Designer or “Social Media Guru”, a little competition in the office never hurt anyone!

Give Smarterer a go, it’s absolutely free and you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. And why not try to beat my scores too and let me know how you fair!