IOS 6 is now installed on over 200 million (October 2012) devices globally. Despite Apple Maps being quite ‘buggy’ it is now on 60% of all apple devices and that’s only after a few months. This now means that Apple Maps is your latest mobile marketing opportunity.

Whilst the global figures are not that relevant to your business there are still lots of apple iphone and Ipad users in the UK. This means getting your business listed on Apple Maps could have a benefit.

Here is our step-by-step guide to getting your business listed in Apple Maps;

  1. Search Apple Maps for your business’ current location.
  2. Is it listed? If not, click on your location and hold you figure down until a pin drops.
  3. Next click on the blue circle with ‘i’ Goto ‘Report a Problem’
  4. Click on ‘information is incorrect’
  5. Complete your business information with url and telephone numbers.
  6. Then send the information to Apple.