BEaM - Bridge Architect

Love can build a bridge. And so can Brownlie, Ernst & Marks

Developing a bespoke style of website for BEaM to showcase their incredible architectural and bridge building talent.

Background to the Project

Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM) is an international architectural practice involved in civil engineering, transportation and infrastructure projects. They specialise in providing architectural services for some of the most impressive bridges, tunnels and transport structures around the world.

Our Challenge

BEaM approached us with the challenge to develop a website for them that showcased their incredible talent.

Brownlie Ernst and Marks BEaM Mario M Cuomo Opening

Our Approach

BEaM provided us with a clear idea of how they wanted the new site to look – along with a detailed brief for the project.  So it was down to our development team to work with the designs and turn their visions in to a working website.

Once again our preferred CMS, WordPress came in to action and with the addition of some Custom Post Types really breathed life in to the designs and the administration side of the project.

Our Results

Brownlie Ernst and Marks - fully responsive website


BEaM - Brownlee, Ernst & Marks


Brownlie Ernst and Marks - Kings Park Link Bridge


Brownlie Ernst and Marks - Kings Park Link Bridge, London

The website was constructed in a linear fashion, taking users from the homepage, introducing members of the team, how to contact them and finally, interactive project pages.

Given the type of clients BEaM work with it is also extremely important that the site works across all devices – from large screen desktops (that their construction project colleagues would be using) right the way down to smartphone handsets they can be used on site. So prior to handover we carried out an extensive browser testing ensuring the site met their expectations.

We’re proud to say that we handed over a fantastic, modern looking website with great functionality.

Key Project Facts

  • New Linear Design – Linear design and custom admin for adding interactive projects
  • Fully Responsive Website – Extensive browser testing to ensure site can be viewed on all major devices
Brownlie Ernst and Marks - Busaiteen Link Manama, Bahrain

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