Collins Nets

New E-Commerce Website Delivers Net Results

We created a fully responsive e-commerce website and rebrand for Collins Nets. The new platform delivers a clear customer led online shopping journey to maximise sales across all devices.

Background to the project

Collins Nets are a family owned and run company specialising in the manufacture and supply of nets for the Game Rearing and Fisheries industries. With over 35 years of experience Collins Nets have built a first class reputation for the supply of products to a variety of sectors. From bird netting and chicken wire to hand rigged fishing nets and crayfish traps; if you’re involved the game or fisheries business then you are likely have heard of them.

Having assisted Collins Nets with their digital marketing since the start of 2020, the conversation turned to redeveloping the website. With our e-commerce expertise we were confident of the successful continuation of the partnership.

Following a strategic website planning day with Collins Nets, we carried out a comprehensive website review to optimise business potential and improve sales. The result is a fully responsive and engaging e-commerce website which is already delivering record breaking results for the Dorset-based company.

Collins Nets

Our challenge

Our challenge was to redevelop the Collins Nets website and create a fully responsive and engaging platform that is easy to navigate and simple to use. In doing so, increase visibility of the company and its services and drive online sales.

Fundamental to the project was the development of a clear customer led online shopping journey. The successful end result would need to highlight the long-established family business, multi-sector expertise and exemplary customer service provided by Collins Nets.

An improved shopping funnel was an integral part of the project’s main aims. This aspect to the development would increase conversions of both purchases and newsletter sign-ups.

Collins Nets

Our approach

User Experience UX was an important consideration in the rebuild. The website needed to be simple and enable a streamlined system of allowing customers to get what they want quickly. Improved optimisation of mobile experience was high on our priority list and we set ourselves the challenge of three-clicks to buy or enquire.

We gave the product categories and menu system an overhaul and introduced a bespoke product search tool in the header section. Powered by a predictive algorithm with images and product sorting and filtering functionality, this prominent feature makes it even easier to get quick access to the products required.

The website features a core WooCommerce shopping cart which includes multi payment integrations and Facebook / Instagram integration to provide social media remarketing opportunities.

The migration of all orders, stock levels and product data ensured that the Go Live was a smooth process and no new or historical orders workers lost. This happened outside of core hours so there was no business interruption for Collins Nets.

The new product grouping system and easy-to-use administration platform allow flexibility of future updates. Since going live with the website, Collins Nets are seeing the immediate results of increased e-commerce revenue.

The pressure was on was for this challenging project! I'm delighted that the thousands of product and order records were successfully migrated and that there was no interruption for Collins Nets getting orders out to their loyal customers.

We achieved everything we set out to do and delivered an industry leading website on time and on budget. The finished website looks and functions just how we envisaged. Plus having the fresh new branding incorporated into the faster and more intuitive site has definitely helped to future proof this unique business.

Watching the growth in users and orders that the site generates is very satisfying!

Toby McConnell, Client Manager, Key Digital

Brand toolkit

A key part of the project was a complete redesign of the Collins Nets logo and branding. The rebrand was integrated into the development of the website introducing a fresh new interface. The result is a clean layout with a professional look and feel across the website. A similar colour scheme was retained to maintain consistency for long term customers.

The brand toolkit we provided included an easy to follow font family, colour palette and main logo usage guidelines. Iconography and visual assets completed the toolkit to provide a seamless brand presence throughout the website.

We also developed department specific logos so that individual printed materials for game and poultry, fisheries and sports netting could be used.

Our results

Collins Nets ecommerce website Colin nets website on macbook outdoors Collins Nets website search tool

Key Project Facts & Figures

  • 19% Website Users Increase (2022 vs 2021)
  • 10% Online Revenue Increase (2022 vs 2021)
  • 25% Online Orders From New Customers Increase (2022 vs 2021)
  • Trust Pilot product review functionality added to the existing brand review account. This enhanced Collins Nets’ excellent customer service rating.

Big thanks to the team at Key Digital for all their work on the new e-commerce website and branding. We are really pleased!

Following Go Live we are already seeing instant results with some of the highest daily revenue from online orders in the companies’ 30 year history.

Dawn Collins, Director, Collins Nets
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