Gungho Marketing

Gungho Marketing

It's marketing Jim, but not as we know it!

Our Challenge

Gungho are a specialist telemarketing company with a strong personality and a close-knit team.

They asked for our help to build them a new website that would reflect their colourful company image and provide a useful reference point for potential clients to find out a bit about them.

Both content and design needed to reflect their vibrant image in order to set them apart from competitors and alter the general perception of drab call centres with scripted phone calls that people often associate with the industry.

Our Approach

We took inspiration from a range of brands that had the same kind of vibrant, interesting brand identity as Gungho, and crafted copy that was light- hearted and perhaps a little bit controversial.

Our primary goal was to write about the company in a way that wasn’t too stodgy and corporate, but still got across all the information a potential client would want to see.

The bespoke site was designed and built around WordPress, and we came up with the theme of “superheroes” as a basis for the site imagery. We sourced some great photos for this, and added a few extra cosmetic features like the spinning logo and the cartoons on the team page to give the site a bit more character.

Gungho Marketing promoting their business in a refreshingly fun way

Our Results

The finished Gungoho Marketing website is an attractive, simple design with plenty of character and energy. It stands out tremendously when pitted against the drab, functional sites of their competitors, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve.

Website redesign

Simple design and easy online management

Character & Energy

A novel website design helps Gungho Marketing stand out from the crowd

Gungho Marketing
Gungho Marketing
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