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Shining a light on Solace's expertise

Developing a digital strategy to challenge their competitors and actively engage with existing a new customers.

Background to Project

Solace Global are a very interesting company; they provide travel risk management advice and solutions to a range of organisations around the world.

In a world where there is an increased threat of government uprising, terrorism and natural disasters, they help companies to identify, assess and mitigate their operational risk, protecting people, assets and reputation whilst abroad.

Solace work with a number of business sectors including aerospace and defence, corporates and charities. They also provide VIP close protection services for high net worth individuals and also specialise in providing maritime security to the shipping, cruise liner and super yacht industries.

Solace’s 24/7 Response and Operation Centre in Poole provides  traveller tracking, intelligence and crisis support to its clients as it monitors news and social media networks for information and intelligence.

Our Challenge

Solace operate within a very competitive marketplace, with two large dominant players owning the online space. So our objectives were simple, how do we use the website and a mixture of content marketing to challenge those competitors and actively engage with existing a new customers:-

  • Increase search engine visibility for “travel risk management” phrases
  • Establish a page one search listing on Google for “travel risk management”;
  • Increase the number of website visitors and the time they spend on the site;
  • Reinforce Solace Global position as “the trusted” risk management company;
  • Encourage more engagement on LinkedIn from non-maritime companies;
  • Be the authority on travel risk management;
  • Increase the number of opportunities for invitation to tenders
  • Increase the number of links back to the website
Solace 24/7 operations centre in Poole

Our Approach

As with many of our clients our work started with a strategy planning day with the Solace management team at their 24/7 control centre. We were able to see firsthand how they provide intelligence and support to their customers – tracking the news channels and social media feeds – and then distributing updates via their bespoke smartphone app.

We were able to fully understand their business needs and plan the role that digital marketing should play in establishing Solace as a major player in the risk marketplace.

The initial tasks would include:-

  • Carry out a full website audit to identify optimisation opportunities in line with the business objectives
  • Prioritise and confirm the potential customers to target
  • Review the positioning of the website to ensure it promotes the expert travel risk management offering
  • Review the current content – particularly the News and Reports section
  • Focus on SEO-ing the existing site
  • Review existing social media channels and optimise
  • Create a content plan for on-going online marketing and increasing the number of links back to the website.

Our Results

The website review identified a number of areas which required improvement. We were confident that a relatively simple task of improving the speed of the whole website would have a dramatic effect on search engine rankings. Initial page speed tests had the home page performing very poorly with a score of 0/100. By carrying out some website code updates and optimising the images on the site the homepage now scores above 80/100 for desktop speed.

The organic strategy moving forward included identifying long-tail keywords to target and on & off page content creation and distribution to drive relevancy, engagement and authority. Our strategic work identified a number of opportunities to utilise their existing content and build external links.

We continue to work with the Solace team to exploit their content strategy and ensure they get much improved engagement on social media. Website traffic has increased month on month and significant first page search engine positions for key local search terms has resulted in several contacts from potential new customers.

Google Search Engine highlights

  • #2 – Maritime Security Companies
  • #8 – Maritime Security
  • #6 – Travel Security Management
  • #5 – Travel Risk Management

Key Project Facts

  • Improved site performance – Fast loading website, better customer engagement = improved SEO – simple!
  • Link building campaigns – Utilising their existing expert content to drive relevancy, engagement and authority
24x7 emergency response from Solace Global

It’s been a breath of fresh air working with Key Digital. You’ve quickly understood our business needs and delivered results right from the start. We’ve learnt a great deal about how to increase awareness of the reports we regularly produce and how to use our social channels to drive engagement.

Jules Morton, Head of Marketing
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