Key Digital Agency was proud to take part in an innovative fundraising event to support the Shire Hall Memory Cafe

We joined forces with other local businesses and community members for a spirited “Jail and Bail” event held at the historic Dorchester Shire Hall. The accused were nominated for “crimes” and tasked with raising bail money to secure their release.

David Lakins, Managing Director of Key Digital, found himself in the dock after being nominated for the crime of making “terrible dad jokes” in the office. Pleading not guilty, David shouted, “the crime doesn’t fit the pun-ishment!” Despite his protests, he embraced the challenge, rallying support and raising an impressive £1,220 in aid of the Memory Cafe.

Raising £1,200 for Shire Hall Memory Cafe

The Memory Cafe, hosted by Shire Hall Museum, provides invaluable support to individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. Led by Anne Brown, Learning Manager at the Museum, the Memory Cafe offers engaging reminiscence sessions that help build connection and community among the participants.

Tamsin from Shire Hall expressed her gratitude, stating, “Thank you so much for supporting Shire Hall Museum’s Memory Café at Jail and Bail – and for raising an incredible amount of money! Your support is going to make such a difference to our participants.”

The Jail and Bail event, organised by Weldmar Hospicecare saw a remarkable display of generosity from the community, with another £5,500 raised for its own charity.

In addition to Key Digital’s contribution, other fundraisers included Amy Lillington from, Claudia Webb from Ingleside Residential Home, Sarah Pavey, and Max Brimble from Weldmar Hospicecare, collectively raising funds to support Weldmar.

Raising £1,200 for Shire Hall Memory Cafe

David Lakins commented, “The Memory Café is such a worthwhile local charity and we wanted to do something that would help expand their services. It was well worth a chilly 6 hours locked in the underground cells pondering my next book of Dad jokes!

Raising £1,200 for Shire Hall Memory Cafe