Social Media Webinar: Keeping connected on lockdown

Social Media Webinar: Keeping connected on lockdown


This morning we hosted a free social media webinar to assist local businesses in Dorchester with advice for communicating with customers on lockdown. We were joined by business owners from a range of industries. Each of them are faced with individual challenges and many have been forced to make temporary shop closures. As a result, communicating with customers and communities through social media has become more important than ever.

Discussion overview

The webinar covered:

Social media on lockdown

On lockdown, social media has quickly become the go-to place for information. Some of the emerging trends such as mobile-first technology, privacy and social media influencers have become less prominent. With a shift towards good news and local stories from unlikely hero’s being received more favourably – Captain Tom is a prime example.

In the webinar we discussed how the surge in people working from home and increase in social media engagement are adding to what is a crowded space. How can we avoid adding to the noise and engage with the local community to offer help in a time of crisis?

Key Takeaways

Some of the points covered that can be immediately put into action on social media were:

Free Social Media Webinar

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us during the social media webinar today, let’s do it again sometime! If you’d like to take a look at the webinar – download our free webinar here.


Posted on 21st April, 2020 by Paul.

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