Our advanced social media monitoring tools are capable of capturing up to 3 months worth of data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms that cannot picked up by Google Alerts or other free tools.

This means that we are able to get the complete picture of mentions online for any given query, giving us a unique and valuable insight into the opinions and sentiment of social media users on a particular topic.

The Eurostar


To test the capabilities of our tools, we chose to do a case study using the example of Eurostar over the Christmas period. Christmas is a tremendously busy time for the pan-European train operator, and we wanted to see what an analysis of social media traffic over that period could tell us about Eurostar’s reputation online.

The data we gathered and the analysis we subsequently carried out threw up some fascinating results, and we compiled our findings in a report, along with a set of conslusions and recommendations based on those findings.

Click here to read the Eurostar case study report.