Google AnalyticsIf you are using the fantastic Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic and user profiles, the search giant this week introduces significant upgrades.

The following is a rundown on announcements made by Brett Crosby, senior manager for the program, at the eMetrics Summit:

Site Search: You can now use Google Analytics to track site search activity. Reports will show the keywords and “search refinement” keywords people use, the pages from which people begin and end their searches and how it affects conversion rates and site behavior.

Limited Beta Test of Event Tracking: These new reports are part of the movement to measure engagement at sites in addition to page views. Analytics users can now evaluate visitor engagement with a site’s interactive elements, such as Ajax, Javascript, Flash movies, page gadgets downloads and other multimedia Web 2.0 experiences.

Limited Beta Test of Outbound Links: In the coming weeks, Google will unveil its Outbound Link Tracking feature. This feature will report on links visitors clicked on your site that direct them to another site.

We have been Google Analytics on our clients accounts for some time now – and look forward to seeing these new upgrades.

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