Certified in local SEO by BrightLocal Academy

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Members of the Key Digital content marketing team recently took part in a number of courses on local SEO. The virtual learning was delivered by BrightLocal Academy and comprised of a series of video lectures and exams. The team passed with flying colours and expanded their existing knowledge on the topic of local SEO. We covered a range of subjects and learned about the changes and advancements that have occurred over the past couple of years.

The course explored some really interesting local SEO strategies that we cant wait to put into practice. We’ve already started implementing some of the new techniques we learned on our clients accounts.

This qualification shows our commitment to staying up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. We’re always looking for ways to expand our existing skillset to provide our clients with the best results.

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on improving your visibility in local search results. The aim is to rank higher than your competitors and help your business be found by people within your area.

Optimising your website for local search results is especially important for businesses that have a physical location that relies on local trade. Neglecting this area of SEO could mean you’re missing out on a potential customer base.

We’ve Levelled Up Our Local SEO!

Rank higher than your competitors

It is no secret that Google is a highly competitive space. What isn’t well-known though, is that your business isn’t always ranked by size or scale. Say you’re a new burger restaurant in town, you might expect McDonalds to outrank you. But, this isn’t always the case. A whole range of factors influence your Google ranking, so it’s sometimes possible to appear higher than bigger businesses by optimising your website for local search.

Of course, it can be difficult to know what to focus on, so we suggest enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency such as Key Digital. They will work with you to develop a local SEO strategy that is tailored to your exacting needs.

Local SEO expertise at Key Digital

Our Local SEO expertise means we are able to create cross-platform strategies that improve our clients online presence in all areas. From optimising your website and online profiles to analysing your competitors, we stay ahead of the curve to give you a competitive edge.

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