I came across this article on the methods you can use to create article titles that really work – Dave L


Headlines are the most crucial part of writing linkbait. More people read the headline than will read the body copy. If the headline fails everything else does. No one will read your brilliant copy if the headline fails to entice.

This morning I went to my local Tesco to pick up some much needed nappies and chocolate muffins (the muffins were for me and the nappies for my kid, just thought I’d clear that up). I checked out the magazine rack. I can never resist a peek at the magazine rack. I love magazines, if anything gives you great ideas it’s a rackful of contemporary mags.

I particularly enjoy the covers of womens magazines. First there are plenty of them, so you get to see a more varied opinion than other vertical markets and second they write damn good headlines. In fact, if you want to learn how to write good linkbait get hold of as many womens magazines as you can and note down interesting headlines.

The secret of good linkbait is a good headline, backed up by killer content.

Here are 18 interesting headlines I noted down this morning.

57 Beauty treats
10 Secrets of love that lasts
105 Chic and modern hair ideas
106 Love you body updates
249 Fashion finds for Lesss
789 Dream looks
836 Spectacular big day ideas
100 Valentine sexy looks
345 Style Savvy Steals
Top 25 Style Updates
687 Sexy new style tips
1001 New bags shoes sandals
22 Instant Wardrobe Updates
100 Best Beauty buys Handbook
68 Pages of Hot New Must Buys
837 Style Ideas
20 Ways to have an easier labour
26 Secrets to a stress free life

I chose to write down only the headlines that were numbered and to my surprise every womans magazine had a headline with a number in it. Is this the secret of writing a good headline? It’s definately one way of writing a seductive headline.

What the headlines have in common is they all solve problems. They all make the promise that if you read the article you will gain a piece of information that will improve your life.

Not every woman reads these magazines and not every woman has the problems listed in the headlines. But each magazine is targeted at a specific type of woman with specific needs. The headlines are crafted in a way to attract those type of people.

Does your blog and website target a specific type of person with obvious problems?

Do your headlines and titles promise a solution to one or more of your readers problems?

Are your headline short and to the point?

I have learned to step out of the box once in a while. Switch off the computer and look around for ideas. The magazine rack of your local supermarket or newsagent is awash with ideas and differrent ways of looking at things. Next time you are at the magazine stand, note the headlines of womens magazines. Go on, I know you’ve always wanted to.

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