AI, SEO, VR, Social, Voice, Machine Learning, PPC, ‘Click through’s – the world of digital is a confusing and occasionally frustrating place. Various sources advising on what the next big thing will be and why its so important that your business is ready for the change.

It can be overwhelming. But there is one very simple area of focus that should sit at the very centre of any digital channel that you use – understanding the human who is connecting with you and your business.

In many ways the way they do this is irrelevant (email, website, social, face to face) – simply through understanding what they need, who they are and how you can really help them, you are much better positioned to cut through the noise and build true lasting relationships with them – to the benefit of your business.

We believe that from 2020 onwards there will be a shift in the way successful businesses use digital. We believe this has to happen.

There will be a step back from constant monitoring, tracking, notifying and bombarding online audiences – a more controlled and circumspect approach will begin to come to the fore. We see this already with brands such as Patagonia, who blend smart, effective and nuanced marketing with web experiences that show respect to customers and treat them like adults – take a look for yourself.

How to make your online presence more human

Spend time researching your customers. Even if you think you know them, look at their wider behaviour –  for example – What is their digital maturity (do they use the latest devices, browsers etc.)? What is their awareness of privacy issues? Do they trust what they read on social media? Who do they follow? What other online experiences do they engage with? Understand the human.

Test and design a potential solution. If you are looking to launch a new website, marketing campaign or new digital product – prototype and test it first, either with a group of existing customers or better still with a group of potential customers. See what humans think of your idea.

Soft launch any new solution. Run it alongside your existing digital presence of products – see how the new works alongside the old through simple effective measurements.

Update, update and update – continue to listen, observe and talk with your customers, not through emails or surveys – go and see them, pick up the phone – invite them to take a look at some of your new ideas first and get their feedback.

respect humans in digital marketing

Building Online Relationships

There is absolutely no difference in building a relationship online to offline. Think of your most enjoyable experiences and relationships offline – do you bombard each other with desperate attention seeking comments and material? Do you follow them around in their everyday lives (as with tracking cookies online?). We’d hope not…

There is a simple age old approach that we like to follow;

Respect the human that is connecting to you, build trust – through listening to them and asking what you can do better, through this you will gain their attention and their loyalty.

The tools are available that allow businesses to be smarter in their digital behaviour. We can help you achieve that in 2020 and beyond – that’s what humans want – let’s help you deliver.