Often the best ideas are the simplest ones. Today I stumbled across a well known and popular local business to us using Amazon wishlists in a novel way.

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre based near Bovington in Dorset has started up an Amazon wishlist however they are using the facility in a cunning way. Rather than using the wishlist to request more common items that would be seen in a wedding or birthday list, the Monkey World list contains items that would benefit the day to day running of the centre.







So as an alternative to the conventional latest electronic gadgets, phones and DVDs that would fill most people’s Amazon wishlist, Monkey World has dog toys, toothbrushes, raisins, nappies and even Marmite in their list, all with the purpose of improving the lives of the ape’s and the running of the centre more efficiently.






Some of the items even have descriptions of how each item will be used. Next to the listing for Laundry Basket White Willow with Inset Handles it states

The guys love baskets! You can never have too many baskets, especially when you have as many primates as we do, all of the monkeys love baskets.
Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre
Priority: Highest  | Wants: 30  Has: 2

It also lists the priority level for each item, how many have been gifted and how many they still require.

For the generous shopper the donation becomes a much more tangible offering. Rather than saying to themselves I wonder where my donated money went they can say hey I just bought infant orang-utan Bulu a Bone Rope Tugger Toy for Dogs which is infinitely more cooler especially knowing how adorable they look!

Monkey World Infant Orangutans
Infant Orangutans Rieke and Bula. Photo by BEN GURR/ THE TIMES