Over is a great app for inserting icons, graphics and beautiful text overlays on your photos. Perfect for Instagraming!

In 2008 Apple launched the App Store on iOS devices with a measly 500 apps on offer. Within two months, worldwide downloads passed 100 million and in 2012 App Store downloads surpassed 25,000,000,000 (that’s twenty five BILLION!) with the amount of apps on offer quickly approaching the one million mark.

It was obviously a great success, I mean, can you imagine using your iPhone without apps?!

Celebrating the five year birthday of the iOS App Store, Apple are giving away some of their most popular apps for free! The likes of popular apps such as ‘How to Cook Everything’, ‘Over’, ‘Traktor DJ’ and enjoyable, addictive games like ‘BADLAND’, ‘Tiny Wings’ and ‘Where’s My Water’.

It’s well worth just downloading them all on the free licence and then pick & choose which you want to keep, because, once Apple stops this celebration (reportedly, Friday 12th July) all these great apps will go back on their original paid-for licence.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download some apps!