Following the fallout of Google closing its social network, Google+ it’s not surprising that there would be a few announcements from the search giant to fill the void.

On the 24th October, Google announced on their blog a new “Follow” button feature that will appear on business listings in the Google Maps app on Android first – with the expectation that it will make the transition on to iOS soon.



Image courtesy of Google

What does the Follow button mean?

If you are a particular fan of a business then clicking the “follow” button will ensure you see that business’ Google My Business Posts (GMB) in the “For You” tab of the Google Maps app (something akin to following a business page on Facebook and seeing their posts in your Facebook feed).

Prior to the “follow” button launch a consumer would have to search for a business on Google in order to see their GMB posts in the Knowledge Graph or Google Map listing, however they can now see all Posts from followed businesses all in one place.

Although the “For You” tab is primarily designed to recommend businesses based on your consumer behaviour and search history, it brings with it the opportunity to drive content directly in to a followers feed.

It wouldn’t surprise me that in the future notifications will be added in order for a user to be notified of new GMB posts from the businesses they follow.