Amongst a whole host of announcements at the recent IO 2018 Conference, Google showed of the new features that will soon be coming to Google Maps and Google directions.

Even having Google Map loaded up on your phone, one of the biggest frustrations walking around a new town or city is trying to gauge your bearings. We’ve all been there… “I can see the dot on my phone, but which way am I actually facing”.

Well, all that could be a thing of the past. In addition to your standard map directions, Google has now added augmented reality directions to help with walking around locations.

If you’re trying to follow a set of directions, you can now hold your phone up, and Google Maps will match the view from your camera to the saved Street View imagery of the world.

Street View will even label things in the real world using your camera, and show you an overlay to let you know which way to go. Watch the demo video below and you will also notice the introduction of a cute fox character that acts as your virtual guide – hinting which way to go.

Google Maps AR

The developments are hot off the press – so know idea when they will actually launch.

But some great opportunities for local businesses to take advantage with these new features. Google suggests that if your logged in to maps you will also see “For You” content – so will show details of newly opened locations near you, trending locations and updates on your favourite business. And they will also show recommendations based on your past likes and history.

Key Tip for local businesses

It doesn’t matter if your are a local business, restaurant, hotel or holiday park. There is now even more reason to keep your Google My Business profile bang up to date; encourage reviews and develop local content. Make sure you have the right Google directions to your business. If you need any online marketing support then please get in touch.